Why Maggie's Works

Maggie's is about empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer by bringing together professional help, communities of support and building design to create exceptional centres for cancer care.

Maggie’s Centres are for anyone affected by cancer. They are places where people are welcome whenever they need us – from just being diagnosed, or undergoing treatment, to post-treatment, recurrence, end of life or in bereavement.

We also welcome family and friends, as they are often deeply affected by cancer too. We know that those who love and look after someone with cancer can feel just as frightened, vulnerable and uncertain.

Our visitors tell us that the welcome they receive at Maggie’s is what they appreciate the most. Just walking through our doors puts them at ease. This is a key part of our pioneering approach that integrates professional help with a community of support in thoughtfully designed centres, a combination that is proving highly effective in alleviating the emotional distress and practical difficulties that cancer brings. Everything we provide is free of charge, so visitors can feel welcome to access our support for as long as they need it.


Find out more

If you'd like to know more, please contact us at [email protected] or visit website of other UK centres.