How Maggie's Can Help

Emotional & Psychosocial Support

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant:
Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre - Emotional & Psychosocial Support Programme

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Individual / Family Support

Visitors may drop in or make an appointment to see one of our professional staff (clinical psychologists, oncology nurses, or social workers) to get support and learn strategies for dealing with a diagnosis of cancer and its consequences.

Support Groups for People with Cancer / Carers

Many people are greatly relieved to realise that there are others in the same boat with whom they can share their experiences on a regular basis. With the support and encouragement of our professional staff and of each other, group members learn to develop strategies for coping with their practical and emotional concerns. Support groups at Maggie's include but are not limited to:

  • Generic Support Group
  • Young Women's Support Group
  • Working Women's Support Group
  • Men's Support Group
  • Family Support Group
  • Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Colorectal Cancer Support Group
  • Gynaecology Cancer Support Group
  • Lung Cancer Support Group
  • Head & Neck Cancer Support Group