How Maggie's Can Help

Relaxation & Stress Management

Relaxation – Individual and Group 

Relaxation and stress management techniques can significantly reduce emotional distress and promote healthy psychological and physical adjustment to a cancer diagnosis. There are individual and group sessions to meet people’s need. Through practice, participants can:

1) Listen to their bodies as they tense and relax
2) Understand the concept of relaxation
3) Learn relaxation techniques to reduce everyday stress

Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi instructors teach a low-impact form of exercise that is especially fit for people with cancer in improving their overall health, promoting relaxation and relieving tension. Our small classes ensure that each participant is provided with sufficient attention and encouraged to share and communicate.


Our professional Yoga instructors teach participants different poses that are appropriate for people with cancer. Through practicing these poses and focusing on their breathing, participants become more relaxed, experience greater inner calm and gain physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Creative Writing, Art and Music Therapy

Through a creative context of music therapy, writing and art, participants are guided to reflect on and understand their reactions to cancer, slow down, relax and gather their thoughts, find new ways of expressing their feelings and feel more confident in overcoming their problems.