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Maggie's in the News - Image after Mastectomy

Content available in Chinese only.

Oriental Daily 10-11-2016

A loss of ‘womanhood’ is how breast cancer patients often feel after mastectomy. Some might not go for reconstruction and they are not fitted for a breast prosthesis right after the surgery – it depends upon their medical condition and healing process. The time in between, which can take up to months, can be difficult. Cherie Lo, our cancer support specialist, runs a Prosthesis DIY Workshop at Maggie’s Centre that teaches participants to make a temporary prosthesis that approximates the shape and weight of the natural breast, “Altered body image is not a ‘handicap’, but they need to see it for themselves.” Whilst a suitable prosthesis can reduce body pain and rebuild participants’ confidence, Cherie added, “the small group setting of the workshop effectively facilitates conversations that could have been difficult otherwise. Being able to share personal experiences with one another is reassuring too, that they are no less a woman.”